venerdì 16 settembre 2011


In 2009, long time pals Richmond Fontaine asked Stiv Cantarelli to open the last leg of their European tour (that touched Spain, Austria, Croatia and Switzerland) as a solo act, something he never did before. Stiv jumped on the bandwagon, and that’s where the story began.
Following that experience, Stiv decided to finally pull the trigger on Innerstate, his solo debut, with the help of Richmond Fontaine (that played as a backing band on most of the songs). Most of the songs have been written even before the tour was ended, blending a decade of Americana flavour with dark-tinged landscapes, tour memories and a ’60s folk attitude. Then, just as a remainder that good things come to those who wait, during that tour Stiv got a supporting act spot on Bob Mould (Husker Du) first Italian tour in 20 years. This happened after Bob listened to Stiv’s music and gave his seal of approval.